Danny Worsnop

Danny Worsnop


Upon being told that he was going to need to write and provide a “bio” Danny Worsnop simply said that "they’re a waste of time, nobody reads them, and he’s far more interested in singing his songs than listing his accomplishments"... so that’s all we have on the guy! He loves music. It’s what he does and who he is. He sits down to write and let’s his soul pour out.

5 Minutes with Danny

PRS: How have you been keeping yourself occupied since COVID-19 shut down the live music industry? Have you been writing new material, pursuing other interests, or just enjoying the downtime?

DW: Despite everything this year has been the busiest I’ve ever been, honestly. I’ve got a couple new companies launching, I built a new studio, the photo business saw a big boom as soon as quarantine lifted, we released the new Asking Alexandria album, I’m starting a new We Are Harlot album, and I’m finishing up the new Danny Worsnop album! On top of that I started up streaming on Twitch which has helped me force my brain to shut down for a couple hours a day... apparently I needed that more than I thought I did.

PRS: We heard that you are voicing a character in an upcoming video game. Of Bird and Cage has been described as a metal album produced as a narrative driven video game. Sounds interesting, tell us a little more about that project.

DW: The production house that’s in charge of development approached me with a really interesting concept that I’d not seen done before. It’s something totally out of my wheelhouse vocally which is always an exciting and interesting project to take on for me. Everything was done remotely as they’re based in Israel, which made the aforementioned new studio particularly useful.

Danny Worsnop on stage

PRS: You have amassed a decent collection of PRS guitars. Which is your current “number one” and do you have your heart set on any future acquisitions?

DW: It’s hard to pick a favorite, but honestly the black singlecut that you guys just finished is really special. It’s one of those rare moments where your soul just has a resonance with an instrument. That probably puts all the others at a very close joint second place.

PRS: If you could abolish one trend in modern music while encouraging another what would they be?

DW: I don’t know, I’m a huge advocate for people creating whatever it is they want to create. I don’t think I’d ever want to take anything away, but I’d damn sure encourage more of that.

Danny Worsnop 2

PRS: Many of our readers may not be aware that you are also talented with a camera. How long have you been passionate about photography?

DW: It’s true, I am indeed an incredibly talented and gifted and handsome and humble and funny and humble man. I always loved photographs, particularly black and whites. I bought my first real camera about 7 or 8 years ago and fell in love with it. It was a slow learn for me in the beginning but I was fortunate to have incredible photographers touring with me all the time that threw me in at the deep end it’s been a whole thing since then! I shot live music and documentary style “behind the scenes” stuff almost exclusively until this year when I dove deep into portraiture and studio work. Now that’s pretty much all I’m doing moving forwards along with occasional docu-work.