Hudson Macready

Hudson Macready


Hudson Macready is a gifted young guitarist, who after only five years of playing is rapidly establishing himself as an up-and-coming talent. Hudson’s skill and passion for the instrument have already attracted the attention and support of a number of high-profile players. When Hudson was ten, he posted a video of himself performing a cover of Dave Matthew’s “Here on Out”. Matthews was so impressed with his rendition that he invited Hudson to meet privately backstage following one of his shows. Hudson is currently being mentored by Industry veteran Andy Wood who is both sharpening his technique and guiding him through the creative process. To date Hudson and his band Bonfire Blue have warmed up the stage, for guitar titans like Joe Bonamassa, Andy Timmons, Josh Smith and PRS signature artist Mark Lettieri.


PRS: How old were you when you first picked up the guitar and how long did it take to realize that it was something you wanted to pursue seriously?

HM: I started piano when I was 5. I played piano for three years and while at a friend’s house at 8 years old I picked up a guitar. I immediately just loved the way a guitar felt and sounded. I knew right away that guitar would be a part of my life and haven’t put it down since

PRS: As an emerging young guitarist at the beginning of your career, what are some of your musical ambitions for the future?

HM: I really want to just keep enjoying playing guitar and work on my voice. My dad has always taught me to do what you love so I want to continue just loving the process of music and see where it takes me.

Watch Hudson cover Andy Timmons’ Version of Bohemian Rhapsody below.

PRS: You recently released an EP “If” as a solo artist, can we expect a full-length studio album from you in the near future?

HM: I would love to do a full-length studio album but when I do I want to be able to sing on it. With me being 13 my voice is changing so I want to let my voice settle before I try to take on a full studio album.

PRS: What has your band Bonfire Blue been up to lately?

HM: Luckily, we still have had some streaming gigs during Covid. And we did a charity event last month to raise money for the Children’s Hospital. In August We also had the honor of a lifetime, opening for Joe Bonamassa, Andy Timmons, Mark Lettieri, Brett Mason and Greg Koch for the Andy Wood Woodshed Guitar Experience. We will never forget it!

PRS: If you could have a sit-down guitar lesson with any player living or dead, who would it be?

HM: Definitely, without a doubt John Mayer. I just love his style of music and his song writing. The way he structures his songs and licks is so inspirational.