Jimena Fosado

Jimena Fosado

Born in Mexico City and currently based in Los Angeles, session and touring guitarist Jimena Fosado is a rising star on the scene. Specializing in the genres of rock, metal, fusion and electronica, Jimena is a member of the “Shreddelicious” online community alongside other notable female musicians including Lari Basilio, Sarah Longfield, Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield and Yvette Young. An alumnus of the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood, she was also one of the first “graduates” from the PRS Pulse Artist Program. In addition to her work as a hired gun and solo artist, Jimena has performed in a wide range of environments including musical theater, film and even live television.

Over the course of her career Jimena has shared the stage with Steve Vai & Dave Weiner, Philip Bynoe, Scott Paige (Pink Floyd), Gilby Clark (Guns N Roses), Dave Evans (AC/DC), Mike Beal (Earth Wind and Fire), Tim Pierce and our own Paul Smith! Most recently, Jimena toured Australia with the Iron Maidens, participated in Jared Dines’s "The biggest shred collab V" and appeared on his YouTube miniseries “Musician Mansion”. Those attending NAMM this year will have the opportunity to catch Jimena as the opening act of the 2024 She Rocks Awards in Anaheim CA later this month.


PRS: As an in-demand session and touring guitarist, you often float between Mexico City and Los Angeles. What do you find are the biggest cultural and professional differences between these two cities?

Jimena: I love that the American culture is really precise in every aspect of the show, from queues to sound and the way everything looks on point. Los Angeles is the place to be surrounded by worldwide talent and get your game on. Things are happening everywhere all the time. On the other hand, I think Latin people are pretty expressive when they feel excitement. Connecting on stage with the rush of emotions is always enjoyable.

PRS: When it comes to your touring rig, are you a “keep it simple” player or do you fall into the “more the merrier” camp?

Jimena: Definitely “keep it simple”. I like having all the presets ready to go and play. Especially if the production I’m working for involves or needs different fx for each song or section of the show.


PRS: You recently participated in Jared Dines YouTube mini-series “Musician Mansion”, what were your biggest takeaways from that experience?

Jimena: That was an amazing time! I had a blast playing music with different musicians and content creators. Seeing everyone’s different approach inspired me to try different things in my music and content. Music is something that brings people together in so many aspects of life. I’m grateful to have long-lasting friendships and plenty of funny memories I’ll never forget from the mansion.

PRS: What PRS guitars do you currently own and which of them has been seeing the most action these days?

Jimena: I have a 35th-anniversary Custom 24, SE Standard 24, SE Torero, SE Acoustic, SE Orianthi first edition, and the SE Santana. I love them all though my main baby is the 35th anniversary. I love the different sounds it has! However, I use the SE Standard or Torero for heavy metal tours. The acoustic comes in handy for most pop gigs where I need to alternate between both acoustic and electric.


PRS: What do you love the most about your PRS guitars in general?

Jimena: I love the playability and versatility of PRS Guitars. I can go from musical theater to metal to pop and the clarity of the sound will bring the fx and amps to life. Besides loving the gorgeous looks and finishes each guitar has!

PRS: What are your plans heading into 2024, any solo music in the works? Perhaps a follow up to your last single, “Color Clouds”?

Jimena: I’m excited to release multiple singles I’ve been working on. I always liked creating and writing my ideas. My last single was "Color Clouds" and I can’t wait to bring to life more genres this year. I’m looking forward to creating more digital content, collaborating with artists, and releasing some merch as well.


Photo Credits: @monasolisphotography & @glenmorganphotography