New Custom Amp Designs from PRS Guitars and Doug Sewell

Posted Mar 13, 2011

PRS Guitars is happy to announce the launch of its custom amp program at this years Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Lead by former Texas-based architect turned amplifier builder Doug Sewell, the program allows customers to work intimately with their dealer and the PRS amp team to create the most personalized amps ever offered by PRS. Amplifiers can be built with specialized colors, speakers and components and can even bring discontinued models back to life.

“Architecture was my love,” said Doug Sewell, “but building amps is my addiction.” Sewell along with the help of a very talented amp team and authorized PRS dealer network will work to create one-of-a-kind pieces based on any current or previous model. “An amp is like a smaller version of a building. You can’t design a building without input from the client, and I design my amps that way,” explains Sewell. “I really listen to what the players want. This is an exciting chance for me to work hand in hand with PRS dealers and musicians to create something unique with each order.”

Customers are encouraged to reach out to their local PRS dealer to learn more about the program and how they can get a custom order started.