PRS Guitars Adds Six New Color Options for 2014

Posted Jan 22, 2014

PRS is pleased to announce the addition of six new translucent maple top colors to its US-made Core electric guitar and bass line: Aquableux, Blood Orange, Faded Whale Blue, Obsidian, Violet, and the color name that raises the most eyebrows - Leprechaun Tooth. The new colors continue a long legacy of PRS providing an array of vibrant colors that accentuate the depth and natural beauty of the company’s signature curly maple.

PRS President, Jack Higginbotham offers, “Tone, feel, and aesthetic are all fundamental to our quest as guitar makers. For almost thirty years, we have been known to make instruments that capture the eye as well as the ear. These new colors extend this legacy into our 2014 product line.”

In 1985 when PRS came to market, the trend was largely opaque guitars with decals. PRS took the opportunity to market classic, traditional stained finishes that highlighted the natural beauty of the tonewoods. “Our goal is to use colors that bring out the very best visually that the wood can offer, just like our pickups bring out sonically the very best the wood offer,” Higginbotham continues. Today, there are more than 70 color options offered through PRS’s Core and SE lines.

In addition to the new colors, PRS has updated the look of the 2014 US-made core guitar line headstocks by adding a rosewood veneer with an opulent-looking inlaid Paul Reed Smith signature.