The Mark Tremonti Signature MT 100 Amplifier from PRS Guitars is Finally Here

Posted Nov 07, 2023

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) November 7, 2023 – After years of R&D and road-testing, the PRS MT 100 aka PRS Mark Tremonti signature amplifier is here. The MT 100 follows in the footsteps of the wildly successful PRS MT 15 lunchbox amplifier but is spec’d at 100 arena-friendly watts and with three independent channels with custom transformers and identical controls but truly unique voices.

“After the success of the MT 15, I wanted to make an amp that I could take on the road and not miss any of my amps at home. After years of R&D and road-testing, the MT 100 has become my one and only touring amp. It really is three amps in one with no compromises – each channel alone is worth the entire price of this amp,” said Mark Tremonti.

Each channel is built from its own unique circuit with dedicated preamp tubes to ensure the voicing of each channel is exactly as intended. The Clean channel (like the MT 15) stays pristine and chimey – try it with split or single coils to hear it sing. The Lead channel (also like the MT 15) gets lush heavy tones with massive bass response that is never muddy. And, the added Overdrive channel (modeled after one of Tremonti’s favorite personal amps) brings an incredibly flexible gain structure and musical midrange response to this already versatile amp platform.

“The Lead channel is where it all started. It is huge, chunky, and aggressive without getting harsh. A lot of high-gain amps focus on the gain and the rest is an afterthought. In my opinion, the MT 100 – like the MT 15 – has the best sounding clean tones in the high-gain amp world. The Overdrive channel is a very special addition to this amp. We obsessed over this channel, using one of my favorite personal amps for the voicing. We wanted the gain structure to fit between the Lead and Clean channels and for it to have a sweet midrange response all its own. I can’t wait for people to experience this amp,” said Mark Tremonti.

Other design elements include a three-button footswitch for channel selection that features matching LEDs to the amp head, so there is no losing your place in the moment on stage. The effects loop, an essential part of any modern amp, means pedals are welcome to join your chain with ease. Additionally, all three channels share the same preamp tube type (12AX7’s) for ease of servicing.

“The MT 100 is at the same time the most complicated yet simple design I have been a part of. The result is a refined and effective beast of an amp with an intuitive, highly user-friendly layout,” said PRS Amp-Designer Doug Sewell. “It is a great tool for Mark Tremonti but is capable of covering a wide spectrum of tones and playing styles. I’m excited to see what this amp brings to the world.”

At a powerful 100 watts, the value of the MT 100 well exceeds its price tag. It is a straightforward, powerful amp full of aggression and articulation. For full specifications, video, and to find a PRS Dealer near you, please visit and follow @prsguitars on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and X to stay in the conversation.

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