Waves Audio Now Shipping the PRS SuperModels Amp Simulation Plugin

Posted May 04, 2018

Waves Audio, a leading provider of processing solutions, is now shipping the PRS SuperModels guitar amp plugin. Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith, the Waves PRS SuperModels plugin superbly models three high-end PRS Guitars amp designs: the coveted PRS Archon, the legendary PRS Dallas, and the never-before-released PRS Blue Sierra/V9.

Easy to use, with remarkable tones right out of the box, these models authentically replicate every component of the three exquisite PRS amplifiers. From tubes to circuitry, every detail was painstakingly modeled part by part, using Waves’ Precision Analog Component technology, with Paul Reed Smith himself supplying Waves with the original amplifiers and the full schematics.

“Waves and PRS Guitars have been working for a year and a half on these models. We sent our amplifiers to their facility, and they literally modeled them part by part. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. If all you do is watch the Devon Townsend video, you’ll understand why I’m so happy,” said Paul Reed Smith.

The PRS Archon delivers shimmering cleans and aggressive overdrive; push it harder and you get glorious distortion. With its lush gain, the PRS Archon is ideal for lead or crunching rhythm, while also offering a clean channel that players of all genres will appreciate.

The PRS Dallas provides the sounds of classic American reverb amps. The all-tube design produces an open, classic tone for huge-sounding cleans, or multiple variations of overdriven sound with natural-sounding reverb. Originally designed by chief PRS Amp Designer Doug Sewell, this highly musical amp offers sweet highs, solid lows, and beautiful mid-range tones.

PRS Blue Sierra/V9: Never-before-released even in its hardware form, this ultra-rare amp was an early original format for the PRS J-MOD 100. Evocative of boutique American guitar amps, it is equally great for clean sounds and for medium-gain overdrive tones. No matter the setting, you’ll find it easy to get a big 3D sound and hard to get a bad one.

Different speakers and speaker cabinets produce different sounds. PRS SuperModels lets you choose from eight different speaker cabinet IRs (audio snapshots of speaker cabinets), captured by Paul Reed Smith at his personal home studio using his proven microphones and mic preamps. As a bonus, you can add any of your favorite third-party IRs – up to two simultaneously.

The plugin’s innovative Phase Fix and Time Fix controls will automatically correct any phase or latency issues between the different IRs. The Smart Mix control will balance the perceived volume of IRs when you use two cabinets. An IR browser will automatically load and switch the IR, leaving you free for playing.

Each amp boasts three more helpful features not included in the original hardware amps: a tone-shaping boost for when you need that vital extra push that normally comes from a boost pedal; a digital tuner for both standard and extended-range guitars; and a smart noise gate that senses at the input and gates at the output.

With three boutique amplifiers to choose from, PRS SuperModels places countless tone options at your fingertips. Whether you are playing rock, jazz, country, metal, blues, or any other genre, this exquisite amp plugin suite will cover all your guitar-playing needs.

Waves PRS SuperModels key features:

Superb modeling of three top-of-the-line PRS amplifiers: Archon, Dallas, Blue Sierra/V9

• Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith

• Eight speaker cabinet IRs with automatic IR browser

• Add any third-party speaker cabinet IRs (up to two simultaneously)

• Smart Mix, Phase Fix, & Time Fix controls for perfectly matching any two cabinets

• Exceptional integrated noise gate to filter out amp noise and hiss

• Auto-gain control for maximum performance

• Unique tone-shaping boost not featured in the hardware amps

• Digital tuner sensitive to standard & extended-range guitars

• Use as a plugin in your DAW or as a standalone application

• Designed for studio, home, and live playing (with laptop and audio interface)

• SoundGrid®-compatible for ultra-low-latency performance

To learn more and for videos, visit: waves.com/prs.

Note: It is very important to use a buffered pedal in the signal chain. Otherwise your guitar will sound dark and wooly. You should be able to easily find a pedal in your home or studio that will do the job.” – Paul Reed Smith