Akasha Releases New Album, Aurora

Posted Sep 12, 2019


The Costa Rica based Alternative Rock Band, Akasha, recently released their 4th studio album: Aurora.

The 7 track album balances heavy songs with ballad and rock / pop oriented material. Their 1st single “Tan Solo A Un Paso” generated excellent reviews amongst fans and followers of the band, check out the single below:

Aurora was produced by Akasha and Erik Canales, member of the Mexican band Allison. The album was recorded between locations in Costa Rica and Mexico and mixed and mastered by Taylor Larson (renowned US producer and Engineer) who has worked with Asking Alexandria, Periphery, I See Stars, and many more.

The meaning of the album is found in normal day-to-day situations and subjects, that through the hardest times, try to find a way out or a light at the end of the road. There are also lyrics about how human beings go on their daily lives trying to deal with mixed feelings and how they affect our surroundings. From all these things is how the name of the album came to be, a light, that represents by colors and movements, all the emotions we use to deal with adverse situations.


Mauni Villalobos: Main Vocals

Emma Sotela: Guitar

Nara Barrantes: Drums

Pablo Mejía: Guitar

Andrés Contreras: Bass, Backup Vocals