Nine New #myPRS Stories Added!

Posted Sep 15, 2015


We just added nine new stories from our fans of their experience buying a PRS. Share your story with us and we may post it to the site!

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A PRS guitar to me has always been that mystical Unicorn, ever so slightly out of reach, yet so desireable it drives your brain while you’re in bed at night, trying to sleep. Ever since I first held one, a Singlecut with a fat neck - it’s been on the back of my mind. And I didn’t even know how to play guitar yet back then. Growing up, pretty much every band I saw on the pages of Guitar World had a PRS. Whether it was metal bands, radio rock, pop punk, emo, country, you name it…they were all rocking one of Paul’s creations. Heck, pretty much every session musician you see playing for a big name artist is probably playing a PRS. So I knew this was the guitar that could handle my eclectic taste in music, shred like a metal guitar, yet cater to my lust of classic lines and flame maple (no one does tops like PRS) As I got a bit better at playing, I decided it’s time I got myself an American made guitar, the real deal. After all, I’ve been playing the same guitar that my mom got me, my first electric guitar (an Epiphone Les Paul Custom) for the past 12 years, I thought.. it’s time.

Headed to LA for holiday, with my annual bonus in hand, I knew I was leaving the States with a hardshell PRS case in hand. And I knew it had to be a Custom 24 with a ten top. It was originally born in 1985, as I was. It had humbuckers with a five way switch, it had that slim neck with the rolled edges, it looked killer, it sounded great, it had everything I wanted. This was the one. Walking into Guitar Center Hollywood, I went straight to the Platinum Room where all the high end stuff was kept, and saw a few to choose from. I am a sucker for charcoal black, but it was a P24. I knew what I wanted. I wanted the core line Custom 24, straight up, neat. So the guy at the store hands me one in a color I’d never thought I’d pick. Jade Green. Now, I believe a buying guitar is like buying an apartment, when you walk in the first time it had to feel right. And this was how that Jade Green Custom 24 felt like. Like it was mine all along, all those tricky parts were a lot easier to play, arpeggios run smoother, the neck and my hand were soulmates in a past life. This was the one. And the new Jade Green (at the time) color looked amazing in real life, almost reptilian. This was it. The rest as they say, is history. The guitar is mine now, and flying back I had to fight tooth and nail to make sure it NEVER got checked in. Always hand carry your axe. You’ll look like a rockstar carrying the case on board anyway. So this story, like every fairy tale, has a happy ending. Whenever I need a stress relief, whenever I need to go to my place of power, that Jade Green Custom 24 is my trusty steed. I guess now I understand why everyone plays one. She sure is a joy to play.

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