Recording Acoustic Guitars: How Mic Types & Placements Change Your Sound

Posted Aug 17, 2020

Tech Tips

Home recording can be an incredibly educational experience for musicians, not to mention a lot of fun! There are countless methods that can be explored in the world of home recording, all yielding different results that will impact the sound of your final mix.

Most seasoned recording veterans have developed their tried-and-true methods through countless hours spent experimenting with various microphones, mic placements, and techniques.

We honed in on acoustic guitar recording and compared many of the popular techniques used in studios so that you can get better perspective on acheiving the sound you're looking for on your track.

Here are some of the topics we cover in the video below:

  • microphone types
  • microphone placements
  • overdubbing and creative recording techniques

In the video above we used SE Angelus, Tonare, and Tonare Parlor acoustics.