The Birth Of Our SE Line

Posted Sep 19, 2017

Behind The Gear

With the launch of the SE Santana model in 2001, a whole new variety of players had access to PRS quality at a much more affordable price point. In the years following the 2001 release, we have enjoyed growing and expanding the SE lineup into what it is today - a diverse selection of great feeling, great sounding, and highly reliable instruments.

Today, SE guitars are revered as a sort of "boutique import" and enjoyed on stage by thousands of musicians around the globe - including artists like Zach Myers, Alex Lifeson, and Mark Holcomb. Jack Higginbotham served as PRS Guitars' president during the introduction of our SE line and now more directly focuses his skills into growing our SE line as a Chief Operating Officer.

Below he explains the story of our SE product family.



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