PRS Amps Announce PTC Amp Modification

Posted Nov 19, 2010

Amp building at PRS, like guitar building, is a never ending process of discovery. Doug Sewell and the Amp team are constantly exploring new avenues in a quest for great tone. This affinity for tweaking led to an amp mod, internally referred to as “Rev B,” earlier this year for our 16 and 30 watt amps. Sewell explains, “We originally designed the Sweet 16 and ‘30’ as low wattage amps to be used in the home and in recording situations. What we didn’t count on was that a significant number of customers would want to gig with these amps...some in fairly large venues. To address this, we came up with an amp mod in the spring of 2010 that affords more head room and a different EQ on the high end."

Customers owning Sweet 16’s or “30”s who wish to return their amplifiers for this modification can do so through the PTC department. All modifications will be made by the PTC and Amp teams along with Doug Sewell. And...each amp will personally be checked and play tested by Doug before it leaves the shop.

*To verify if your Sweet 16 or “30” has this mod, look for a handwritten designation of “Rev B” on the back panel of the amp. Normal PTC rates and logistics will apply. Please contact [email protected] for details and scheduling.

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