How To Order

There are several ways you can approach owning your own Private Stock instrument. Each year Private Stock creates both Limited Edition runs and a limited number of our own one-off designs. These can be inspired by unique woods that become available or a new innovation inside of electronics or pickup designs, or they can be our way of showcasing the unique talents of our craftsmen.

You can also build from PRS’s design foundations to create a personalized instrument to call your own. If you need a little help or inspiration, browse the website or connect with a Private Stock dealer and put their experience to work for you. Our exclusive network of Private Stock dealers is here to exceed your expectations of what guitar buying can be.

If you have chosen a build to order guitar, your instrument is now in the hands of our Private Stock team. The Private Stock team represents the pinnacle of PRS craftsmanship. To celebrate that distinction, your Private Stock will be given a unique PS number and will be signed and personally inspected by both Paul Reed Smith and Paul Miles, the Director of Private Stock. Once your instrument is complete, it will ship to your dealer.

And the long wait is over.

Private Stock #8182